How to install a license in Symantec Protection Center Small Business Edition


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How is a license installed for the Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition?


To acquire a license, log onto the Symantec Protection Center console.
    1. Click Start> Programs> Symantec Protection Center> Symantec Protection Center Console.
    2. In the Symantec Protection Center log-on prompt, in the User Name box, type the Username: admin.
    3. In the Password box, type the admin password that you created during installation, and then click Log on.

    • This may take several seconds the first time you log into the console.
    • Once you have successfully logged into the console for the first time, a Welcome message will be displayed. Select Activate your product and then click Close.

Applying a new license to the Symantec Protection Center console.
    1. Locate and click on the Admin tab located along the lower left side of the page.
    2. Click on Licenses at the bottom left.
    3. Then click on Activate a new license under Tasks.

    • Browse to the location of your new license file.

    • Highlight the license file and click import to license your product.

Symantec Protection Center Console Licensing Status
    • When viewing the Home Tab, the License status will be shown.

    • The Console Licensing Status has six possible states.
      • Over Deployed
      • Trial Expires - Within 7 Days
      • Trial Expired
      • Good
      • Expires - Within 60 Days
      • Expired