How to setup LDAP replication between 2 or more SSIM appliances


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Security Information Manager


You would like to setup LDAP replication between multiple SSIM's.



Walkthrough of LDAP replication setup is beyond the scope of technical support because it is an advanced setup.

However, LDAP replication is a supported SSIM configuration and therefore if problems are experienced during setup, or after replication has been working for a while, support can assist with resolving the problem.

If you would like to have someone set up LDAP replication for you please contact Symantec Consulting Services.

For steps to configure Directory Replication yourself:

  1. Log in to the Web Configuration page for the SSIM.
  2. Click Downloads
  3. Click Download Directory Replication Tool

You will download an archive file called Within this archive are 4 files.

  • setupReplication.txt - This file contains the instructions to setup directory replication.
    Please review these instructions FULLY before you continue. A step by step listing of example instructions is included below, but there are critical details discussed within the setup file that may vary the setup commands in your environment. There are also troubleshooting steps included in the setup file.
  • removereplication.txt - This file contains the instructions to remove directory replication.

    Note:  The SSIM_LDAP_CONFIGURATION_GUIDE.pdf file from this document Symantec™ Security Information Manager Guide to configuring LDAP replication, failover, and homing has any corrections for these .txt files and further information regarding replication.
  • dirreplicatool.jar - This file is referred to in the setup instructions. You should extract this file to a directory that is in the PATH.
  • ldapjdk.jar - This file is required for the setup instructions to work correctly. You should extract this file to a directory that is in the PATH.

Note: There is a Typo in the SSIM_LDAP_CONFIGURATION_GUIDE.pdf when installing the replica to the Master.  There are two hyphens in front of the word install in the command, but the guide only has one.

So the correct command is:

 sesa-setup --install-replica