Error 27506. Error executing SQL script CreateGEMSDb. Line 185. Timeout expired (0).


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Endpoint Encryption


Error during the installation of the Symantec Endpoint Encryption 7.0 Manager.

You receive the following error when installing the Endpoint Encryption Manager.

Error 27506. Error executing SQL script CreateGEMSDb. Line 185. Timeout expired (0).


There are multiple causes for this issue. This is a generic error stating that the script to install the SQL database timed out.


This error can occur on systems with a large amount of content in the temp directory or on systems with low resources. If you receive this error, first attempt the installation again while providing a different SQL user account. (Or login to the instance and delete the one you just attempted to create with the last installation.) If the receive this exact "timeout expired" error after multiple attempts, verify the following:
  • You are not attempting to install to SQL 2000. Endpoint Encryption is not compatible with SQL 2000.
  • TCP/IP and Named pipes are set to enabled under the SQL Server Configuration Manager.
  • The accounts provided during installation have proper domain rights.
  • If SQL Server 2005 Express w/ Advanced Services is used on a member server, verify that the services are set to start with a domain user account rather than the built-in network service or local system account. By default, during the installation of the instance, if you did not check advanced configuration during the installation these options would not have appeared during the SQL Server installation.
    You can verify the proper settings in the SQL Server Configuration Manager. Go to SQL Server Services, right click on SQL Server, and go to properties. Under the Log On tab, provide the correct credentials, then restart the SQL server and attempt the installation again.

  • Verify network communciation with the SQL server and that the system the SEE Management Server is being installed to meets the minimum system requirements.

Please note that there are other 27506 errors. If you see "Changed database context to 'master'. (5701)" in the error during installation, please see the following document.

Error 27506. Error executing SQL script CreateSEEMSDb. Line 185. Changed database context to 'master'. (5701)

If none of the above resolve the issue, please generate a log of the installation using the following command and contact technical support.

MSIEXEC /i "[path]\Symantec Endpoint Encryption Management Server.msi" /lvx [logpath]\logfile.log