Symantec Endpoint Protection Client Registration Flow


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Endpoint Protection


What is the process for a client to register with the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager?



The agent registration rules:

    1. If the agent on that specified machine has registered before, the server will try to find the record for the agent and keep this agent in the same group and policy mode (user mode or computer mode) as before.
    2. Try to match the computer or user criteria added by the administrator or sync from Active Directory and register to that corresponding group
    3. If the agent is the first installed and registered, the predefined group on the agent side has the higher priority and the agent will be registered as computer-based
    4. Try to search all the user-based agents with user name or computer name, if found, the new agent will register to the same group and the policy mode will be set to user-based.
    5. If none of above criteria met, the new agent will register to the temporary group as a computer-based.

Flow Chart: