Tally users cannot Login to Tally Server after installing SEP Client.
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Tally users cannot Login to Tally Server after installing SEP Client.


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Endpoint Protection


1. Tally Clients are not able to login to Tally Server.

2. Other files and folders on the Tally server can be accessed with no issues from the client system.


In Tally Multi-user environment Tally clients connect to Tally Server after getting Authenticated from Tally License file located on the Tally server. Clients have a file Tally.ini (referred as configuration and setting file of Tally located at Tally install location). This has the commands to check the License 'TallyLicenseServer = server:port '. It is used in nodes to specify where is the license file. Server:port are replaced by machine name of the server or the IP address of the server and followed by the port on which tally license is running. Usually this is port 9000 in tally. In this case NTP is not there so, port is not blocked by SEP. In Antivirus and Anti Spyware Policy, under Advanced scanning and monitoring 'Scan when a file is accessed or modified' is selected by default. When a Tally client tries to get authenticated by accessing the Tally License file on Tally server, SEP starts scanning and the request times out resulting in login failure. Instead select option 'Scan when a file is modified'. This allows the Tally user to access the License file and is able to login.


1. In SEPM open the Anti virus and Anti Spyware Policy for the Group where Tally Server is reporting
2. Click on File System Auto Protect.
3. Click on Advanced Scanning and Monitoring.
4. Select 'Scan when a file is Modified'.
5. Click OK.