Error: "Too many timeouts resolving" and "disabling EDNS"


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Messaging Gateway


Why are errors appearing in the messages file?

The messages file shows the following errors:

2008 Oct 17 23:59:05 (info) named[21048]: too many timeouts resolving \'\' (in \'.\'?): disabling EDNS
2008 Oct 17 23:59:45 (info) named[21048]: too many timeouts resolving \'\' (in \'.\'?): disabling EDNS


This is the result of a firewall or router that interferes with certain DNS packets, or with general network traffic issues. EDNS response packets increasingly exceed the 512 byte size limit used by older DNS implementations and some firewalls and packet filters are not configured to handle or allow this traffic.


Update and configure your firewall to accept DNS UDP packets larger than 512 bytes. It is recommended to configure such thresholds to 4096 bytes.

For information on how to test if your firewall or routers support EDNS please see these resources:

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Technical Information
Some firewalls will limit the size of a DNS UDP packet to 512 bytes or prevent IP fragments.