Footprint compromised errors (C1G0119E) on base or delta members
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Footprint compromised errors (C1G0119E) on base or delta members


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Footprint compromised errors can be displayed during source management of an element action.
These errors can appear on either base or delta files members.



Release: ENDAE.00200-15.1-Endevor-Software Change Manager


The link between MCF, Base and Delta files has been broken. These 3 component are no more synchronized.
This errors can happen if the base, delta, or master control files have been restored or copied but are not synchronized.
This can also happen if the base or delta member have been edited outside of Endevor.
The message text is: C1G0119E FOOTPRINT COMPROMISED and it notes the base or delta file.

If other files are noted, that is a different problem


If the file is a Base or Delta file,

Check that element can be restored from existing Endevor Backup.
If no backup exist, copy the Base element to an external PDS.

Note; If the Type definition has DELTA FORMAT set to Reverse, Full image delta format,or Log delta format, the current version is in the base.       
Then try deleting the element in batch SCL action, errors message will be issued, but the element will be deleted.  ‚Äč

After delete, possible action are depending on the backup availability.
If Endevor Backup exists, possible action are Restore, Transfer from archive the element to the wanted location
If there is no Endevor backup, Add the element from an external PDS, then move it to the wanted location.

If that does not resolve the problem, the base, delta and master control file need to be synchronized.
If any one of these files is out of sync with the other files, error message are issued.
Running the Unload, Reload, Validate utility (iprfx.iqual.CSIQJCL(BC1JVALD)) in validate will identify the problematic elements.
The job is documented in the CA Endevor Utilities Guide.
This will not resolve the problem, but it will provide diagnostic information.
The solution will depend on the cause and extent of the problem, then Contact support.