Content filtering policy is not working as expected


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange


You created a content filtering rule. Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange fails to detect a test message which violates the rule. You verified that the content filtering rule is configured correctly.


A configuration file is corrupt.


1. Re-create content filtering policy.

NOTE: Do not modify the existing policy. Disable the current policy, and create a new policy with a different name.

2. Restore a back-up copy of your settings prior to issue occurring. Re-create policy.

3. Reset settings back to factory defaults, and reconfigure settings.

· In the console on the menu bar, click Assets.
· In the Asset Management window, under Assets, select the server in which you want to restore the Mail Security default settings.
· In the sidebar under Task, click Reset to factory defaults.
· In the Reset to factory defaults confirmation dialog box, click OK.
· In the Operation Status window, Click Close when the operation is complete.
· In the Asset Management window, click Close.

NOTE: Please be aware restoring default settings will delete any custom content filtering rules, match lists, report templates, and scheduled scans that you have created. It does not delete existing reports.

Close and reopen the Mail Security console to see the updated settings.