How to delete and recreate RAID configurations on a SSIM 9650 appliance with a PERC 5i RAID Controller


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You would like to know how to delete RAID configurations on delete and recreate RAID configurations on a SSIM 9650 appliance


You have replaced a failed 146GB drive and want to reinstall SSIM immediately afterwards. You must delete and recreate the RAID configurations, at the very least delete and recreate Virtual Disk 0.
  • To do this, reboot the appliance and when you see the screen below initializing Devices, press Ctrl + R and break into the RAID configurations

  • Arrow down until you have highlighted Virtual Disk 0 and press F2, then select Delete VD from the popup menu.

  • If you want to delete and recreate the RAID configuration for Virtual Disk1, the arrow down and press F2 and choose delete from the popup menu. This is optional and you do not need to do this unless you have replaced one of the 300GB drive and want to immediately install SSIM.

  • When all the Virtual Disks have been deleted you will see a screen that looks like this.

  • Press F2 and Select Create new VD. For the first two 140 GB drives you will Select RAID-1 and check the two drives showing 139392MB in the window below the RAID menu. Give the VD a name or accept the default and select OK.

  • To recreate the RAID-5 group, arrow to the top to Controller 0 and screen that shows up after you create the VD-0 and press F2. Select RAID-5 from the drop down list and check the remaining 4 drives. These all should show 285568 MB in size, accept the VD size and name the Virtual Drive or accept the default, Select OK and create the RAID-5 Virtual Disk 1.

  • Once the Virtual Disks are created, highlight Virtual Disk 0, press F2 and select Initialize from the popup menu, then select initialize -> Fast init and select OK. Initialize both Virtual Disks even if you only deleted and recreated Virtual Disk 0.

  • Once you have reinitialized both Virtual Drives, then reboot the appliance with the SSIM DVD in the DVD player and follow the steps provided by the installation guide to install Symantec Security Information Manager.