"class com.symantec.gui.guidelines.ScanEngineApplet not found" when browsing the web interface for Scan Engine 5.x in Internet Explorer 7


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Scan Engine


After installing Scan Engine 5.x on a supported operating system, you attempt to browse to the web interface using Internet Explorer 7. After accepting the self-signed certificate for the web interface of Scan Engine, you receive a blank page. The status bar of Internet Explorer 7 reads "class com.symantec.gui.guidelines.ScanEngineApplet not found". You seek to browse to the web interface of Scan Engine 5.x so that you may administer the product.


When you open the Java Plug-in control panel applet and click about, the Java version is 1.6.


The web interface applet is designed to use Java 1.5 Update 15 and does not support Java version 1.6.


Do one of the following:
  • Uninstall Java 1.6 and install Java 1.5 Update 15 from the installation material for Symantec Scan Engine, or
  • Use a supported browser on another operating system to administer Scan Engine.