SMSDOM says it is still running when it is not
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SMSDOM says it is still running when it is not


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Mail Security for Domino


How to start SMSDOM when it is not running but it thinks it is?


SMSDOM will not load after Domino server restart.


Error message similar to the following will be displayed on domino console : "SMSDOM: NNTASK is already loaded"


NNTask may actually still be running even though the Domino server was shutdown. This would be abnormal behavior and could happen with some external shutdown procedures like an automated script.


Two things to look for:

  1. If NNTask is still running, you should be able to see it in Task Manager. If it is there, kill the process and then try to load SMSDOM.
  2. If SMSDOM still does not start, look in the Domino data directory and go into the HIDDEN folder SMSNDB. Delete the slNNTASK.dat file, then try to load SMSDOM.

For Windows platform, typical location is <drive>:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Domino\data\SMSNDB\slNNTASK.dat
For AIX platform, typical location is /local/notesdata/.SMSNDB/slNNTASK.dat