How to Exclude Specific Email Sender From Actions of a Content Filtering Rule
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How to Exclude Specific Email Sender From Actions of a Content Filtering Rule


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange


A content filtering rule is quarantining or blocking certain types of email.  There are some senders that should not be affected by the rule.  Those users should be allowed to send emails of the type affected by the rule.

An example is a content filtering rule that blocks multimedia attachment content.  There is one particular user that should be allowed to send multimedia WAV files.


Configure the content filtering rule to exclude acting on email from a specified user.  Perform the following steps: 

1. Open the Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Console.
2. Click on Policies > Content Filtering.
3. Double-click the rule you want to change to open it for editing.
4. Click the Users tab.
5. Select Apply if the sender of the message is NOT in the list for the Sender dropdown.
6. Enter the email addresses or domains in the textbox SMTP addresses.... Use  one of the following formats:

[email protected] (for a specific sender)
* (for an entire domain)

Note: This does not apply to Symantec Information Foundation Mail Security 6.0.8 for Exchange (SMSMSE) and earlier installed in a Microsoft Exchange 2007 environment. Content filtering is available in SMSMSE version 6.0.9 and later when installed on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. To download the latest release, read Obtaining an update or an upgrade for a Symantec Corporate product.

This also does not apply to the File Filtering Rules, it is not possible to whitelist File Filtering Rules.  If using the File Filtering Rules > File Name Rule, remove the file extension from the file match list.