How to change the Service Desk server host name on r12.9?


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If you change the host name and run pdm_configure, you will encounter the following error message and will not be able to continue the configuration.

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Figure 1

After clicking on <OK>, the following error appears.

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Figure 2


In order to change the host name, please follow the steps as shown below.

  1. Log into Service Desk using Service Desk administrator account and open [Administration] tab.

  2. Go to 'System' > 'Servers' and open the server you would like to change.

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    Figure 3

  3. Click on <Edit> button and change the Host name. Click <Save> button.

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    Figure 4

  4. Stop the Service Desk service.

  5. Change the OS host name and reboot the server.

  6. Change the old host name to the new one on dlgtsrv table of MDB.

  7. Open the Command Prompt and run pdm_configure.

  8. Change all previous host names to new ones during the configuration.

  9. After the configuration is completed successfully, check the Service Desk behavior.

NOTE: Please take a backup of the file system and database before you do the above change.


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