Generate a SYSUDUMP for File Maser Plus online panels
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Generate a SYSUDUMP for File Maser Plus online panels


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File Master Plus for IMS File Master Plus for DB2 for z/OS



I would like to generate a dump from the File Master Plus Online panels.


On the CA File Master Plus main menu, you may enter the command DUMPON in order to capture a dump in ISPF. By using TSO ISRDDN you may check that a DDNAME of SYSUDUMP was allocated to your ISPF allocations. Here is a sample:

                          Current Data Set Allocations            Row 94 of 98
Command ===>                                                  Scroll ===> CSR 
 Volume   Disposition Act DDname   Data Set Name   Actions: B E V M F C I Q   
          MOD,DEL    >    SYSUDUMP ---------- JES2 Subsystem file -------------
After the Abend you will see a dump in SYSUDUMP DD allocated to your user (TSOUID1 in this sample). Here is a CA SysView sample display:
SYSVIEW ISPF2 TSO1 ----------------------------------- LISTFILE, Job Data Sets ---------
Command ====>                                                                           
JobName  JobId     Queue    Datasets     Lines  ExecSys                                 
TSOUID1  TSU47071  EXECUTE         4    157706  TSO1                                    
Cmd      DDname   Stepname Procstep Status     Cpys  TotLines OutClass Prty Destination 
________ JESMSGLG JES2              OPEN                    2 Z                         
________ JESJCL   JES2                            1        57 Z                         
________ JESYSMSG JES2              OPEN                  693 Z                         
s_______ SYSUDUMP TSO      TSO                    1    156954 X                         
************************************************************ End of Data ***************

From here the dump can be copied to a file and sent to CA Technologies.

In order to deactivate the feature enter DUMPOFF on the CA File Master Plus main menu.


Release: ESBFMP99000-8.5-Extended Support Basic-for CA File Master Plus