How to reset the Transfer ID (TID) for XCOM Servers


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This document explains how you can reset the Transfer ID (TID) to zero or another value.


The Transfer ID (TID)/Request# is a ascending number assigned by the XCOM Server to every incoming and every scheduled outgoing transfer. How can you reset this number to 0 or another number if this is necessary for any reason?

For XCOM on Windows and Unix (Changes are done at your own risk):

  1. Stop the xcomd process

  2. Delete file xcom.tid (it holds the last assigned number) under the /XCOM_HOME/Config directory

  3. Restart xcomd

  4. From now on the transfers will be assigned numbers from 000001 on.

For XCOM on z/OS the Request# is stored in the XCOMRRDS file and therefore the process of resetting it is a bit different (have in mind that these changesare done at your own risk):

  1. Stop the XCOM Server

  2. Edit the DEFRRDS Job, which defines the XCOMRRDS file and is located in the CBXGJCL library. This job creates the XCOMRRDS file.
    Please find string
    and replace the '1000' with '0002' ('0001' and '0000' both rest the counter to 1000, not to 0000).
    Note: Take care that you do not exceed the number of digits - it need to be four!
    More on this Job and on XCOMRRDS file can be found in the Installation Guide for XCOM for z/OS 11.6 on page 176.

  3. If you want to save the data in XCOMRRDS then repro the file.

  4. Now submit that job.

  5. Restart the XCOM Server.

  6. From now on the transfers will be assigned numbers from 000003 on.


Release: XCOM..01300-11.6-XCOM Data Transport-for AIX