STORMAX parameter: is this a compiler or runtime option? How will increasing this value affect currently compiled/linked programs or programs to be compiled/linked in the future?


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Increasing the STORMAX parameter from 1M to 2M,

  1. How will this affect a currently compiled/linked CA Easytrieve program runtime that was compiled prior to the increase of STORMAX?

  2. How wll this affect executing a compiled/linked CA Easytrieve program runtime that was increased after change to STORMAX that did not require the STORMAX change?

  3. How will increasing the value of STORMAX affect jobs already compiled and linked or those which will be compiled and linked?


STORMAX is both used at compilation time and runtime. The value is used in conjunction with LOADing programs.

Please note that in CA Easytrieve releases 6.4 and earlier versions, the options table is linked into the program.

So, linked programs that require the extra 1M need to be recompiled to pick up the new version of the options table.

Programs which do not require the extra 1M do not need to be recompiled and therefore will not pick up the new option table value at runtime.

Programs going forward which are compiled and linked and then executed will have the 2M for the STORMAX parameter.


Release: EDBMSU00200-6.4-Easytrieve-Report Generator-Option for DB2-MSU