Disclaimer text is not added to outgoing messages
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Disclaimer text is not added to outgoing messages


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Mail Security for Domino


The disclaimer text that was set up for Symantec Mail Security for Domino (SMSDOM) is not added to outbound messages.



To fix this problem, change the settings in the Location document for Lotus Notes to send email in Rich Text Format (RTF). This is a change from the default Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) setting.

The following section is a copy of content found in the Readme.txt file for Symantec Mail Security  for Domino:

Configuring the Notes client to function with the SMSDOM disclaimer feature
To ensure that the SMSDOM disclaimer feature functions properly, set the following options:

  1. In the Notes client, edit the Location document.
  2. On the Mail tab, in the Format for messages addressed to Internet addresses field, modify the setting to Notes Rich Text Format.
    When the value of this option is set to MIME, SMSDOM will not add a disclaimer to the message body.

A disclaimer will not be added to email messages within the same Domino mail domain. Disclaimers with same disclaimer mark will be only applied to an email once.