What Symantec considers as spam messaging
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What Symantec considers as spam messaging


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Mail Security for Domino Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Messaging Gateway


  • There is a need to have Symantec's definition of spam.
  • A supported version of a Symantec mail product is installed:
    • Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG)
    • Symantec Mail Security for Exchange (SMSMSE)


The following sections describe what Symantec considers and does not consider spam

Messages that Symantec identifies as spam

  • Unsolicited bulk or commercial email messages sent by automated methods to many people.
  • Messages where the sender has no discernible relationship with all or some of the message recipients.
  • Mailing lists sent to multiple users that have no prior relationship to the mailing list.
  • Message headers have been forged or altered to conceal sender's origination point.

Messages that Symantec does not consider spam

  • Unwanted account statements, confirmation messages, service updates, bills, and so on
  • Unwanted emails where the address was given to the sender by the recipient, a friend or colleague (resumes, jokes, direct sales (non-bulk), chain letters)
  • Emails mistakenly sent to the recipient.
  • Unwanted newsletters where the recipients did not explicitly subscribe, or do not remember subscribing
  • Emails containing offensive language