PCT reports Error 22 when capturing or deploying a PCT package
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PCT reports Error 22 when capturing or deploying a PCT package


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Deployment Solution


In Deployment Solution when I run PCT I get an error 22 in the console. What does this mean?


1. The PCT Return Value for this error is "There appears to be problems with this package.  Please rebuild."

The package that you are attempting to distribute is most likely corrupt. You can validate this by opening the package in the PCT Editor (PCTEdit.exe in your PCT folder); if when the package is opened in the editor all that is displayed are white boxes (no folders, settings, etc.) then your PCT package is corrupt and will not deploy.

2. If the personality package is being rendered to a local disk it may fail with this error if there is not enough disk space. Low disk space would certainly contribute to a corrupted, or incomplete package.


There are many possible causes of error 22 and in order to determine the causes, you must first determine the source of the error 22 when it is reported through Deployment Solution. The error could be coming from the operating system, the BIOS, the batch file (if running PCT through a batch file) or PCT.  All of these programs return error codes and understanding the source of the error code is important.

Determining the source of the error requires you to look at PCT logs, and Deployment Solution logs. If an error 22 was reported in DS, but no PCT log was created, or the log did not show an error 22, the error came from another source.

If the Error is reported by the operating system of the source PC, there are a lot of different potential causes. Doing a search on an Internet search engine for "Windows" and "Error 22" will yield many different possible solutions. They are too wide in scope to cover completely in this article although the most common cause is a failure to find a server or remote network share.

If the error is being reported by the BIOS, it may very what the meaning is between BIOS manufactures. Generally a BIOS error 22 means a memory failure, which would stop PCT, or whatever program experienced the memory failure, from running. In this case you likely have a problem with a memory module.

If the error is generated by a Batch file there are many possibilities. Most often it means that a .DLL was inaccessible or that a .DLL file call failed. This is a fairly low possibility with the typical batch file ran through DS as DLL calls are generally not used, but if PCT could not find one of its .DLLs this would potentially cause an error 22 when running through a batch file.

If the error is generated by PCT, this means that PCT could not create/read or continue to write to/read from the PCT file that is being generated/restored. Likely causes of this are:
  1. There is no more available disk space on the destination location.
  2. The destination location could not be found.
  3. The source location could not be found.
  4. The user is trying to capture a package to a location that already contains an existing PCT package that spans multiple files. After the initial span file is created (usually the .EXE file) the capture sees an existing .001 file, flags that as a problem and stops the capture. The user should delete or move all existing PCT package files in the location before capturing another package with the same name to that location.

Basically it boils down to a problem was encountered when reading or writing a PCT file with reading or writing that file. The things to check are first, disk space on the server, which is by far the most common cause of this error; and second, that the server can be reached from the client in whatever way you are running PCT. One of these issues will be the cause if the error was generated by PCT 99 percent of the time.

Applies To
Deployment Server 6.x
PC Transplant 6.x and up