PXE-E95, PXE-E92, PXE-E32 & PXE-E35 TFTP Errors
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PXE-E95, PXE-E92, PXE-E32 & PXE-E35 TFTP Errors


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Deployment Solution


When clients are booting PXE they receive the following error:

PXE-E95  MTFTP Read Timeout
PXE-E92  MTFTP Open Timeout


PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout.
TFTP open request was not acknowledged. Verify that the MTFTP service is running.

PXE-E35: TFTP read timeout.
Next TFTP data packet was not received.


This is caused by client computers not being able to receive the PXE bootstrap file via multicast.


Solution 1: From the Deployment Server console:

  1. Open Tools > PXE Configuration.
  2. Select the PXE server that the clients are using.
  3. Click the Multicast tab.
  4. Un-check Use Multicast for Boot File Transfer (Deployment Solution 5.6) or Enable MTFTP (Deployment Solution 6.5, 6.8).

Note: When Deployment Solution is upgraded from previous versions, this setting may be re-enabled.


Solution 2: Check configuration of PXE Forced Mode.

Use the document 'PXE Forced Mode Utility', document HOWTO5258.


NOTE: See also: 'PXE-E32: TFTP OPEN TIMEOUT error when attempting to PXE boot', TECH6342.

Applies To

Deployment Solution versions 6.1 to 6.9 SP 4.