The PXE manager service has not connected with the DS or GSS server yet
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The PXE manager service has not connected with the DS or GSS server yet


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Deployment Solution Ghost Solution Suite


While trying to open the PXE Configuration Utility you receive the following message on the screen and the PXE Configuration Utility does open.:

"The PXE manager service has not connected with the DS or GSS server yet."



Deployment Solution 8.x

Ghost Solution Suite 3.x


There is a mismatch in the MMACCESSKey.  

Running the PXEKEYMATCH.exe utility does not correct this issue.

The Utility says there is a match but you are still unable to get into the PXE Configuration Utility.


You've confirmed that the mmaccesskey.ini file is valid within the pxemanager.ini file and you've used the PxeKeyMatch.exe utility to confirm everything is in sync.  However when you check the number of letters in the key it is very short. 

Use the DSKeyGen.exe utility to build a new mmaccesskey.ini (available at the bottom of this document).

When running the DSKeyGen.exe utility, we need to have ALL services stopped, not just the PXE services.   

1. Stop all 7 Altiris Services
2. Make a copy of both the MMAccessKey.ini & PXEManager.ini
3. Run DSKeyGen.exe

 Verify that the key is correct in the registry.  It is the following:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Altiris\Altiris eXpress\Options\Security

NOTE: It is the Server Security object, and can be confirmed that it is correct by checking the length, which should be 76 characters long.

4. Start Altiris DB Management and Altiris eXpress Server service (and the other non pxe altiris service)
5. Run PxeKeyMatch.exe with the -sync parameter

NOTE: Make sure the key is much longer than 30 characters. The exact size is unknown but it should be at least triple the size it was. If it's not, run steps 1 through 4 again.

5. Copy the key in the MMAccessKey.ini file into the MMAccessKey line in the  PXEManager.ini. Close and save the files.
6. Start all the services Start the PXE Manager Service before the PXE Config Helper service
7. Test the PXE Config Utility and see if it's functional

The customers MMAccessKey was short but it they were able to access the PXE Configuration Utility.

NOTE: The tool is attached to this article.

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