The Network connection was gracefully closed
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The Network connection was gracefully closed


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Deployment Solution


During a job you get the error "Network connection was gracefully closed." This can happen randomly on different models, and at different times.


DS 8.x


The connection is being dropped because the connection speed is below the threshold set in the agent properties.


To resolve this issue in a production environment:

a. In the Deployment Console go to Tools, then Options, then Agent Settings.

b. Check Force new agents to take these default settings then click on Change Default Settings.

c. In the Production Agent Settings window, on the Server Connection tab uncheck Abort file transfers if rate is slower than XXXX Kbps.

d. Press OK.


To resolve this issue in an automation environment:

a. In the PXE Configuration Utility highlight the boot option having the issue and click Edit.

b. Click on Edit Boot Image.

c. Highlite the aclient.inp file.

d. Scroll down till you find the line that begins with SpeedLimit and make sure that there is a semi colon before the line.

e. Click Next twice. Choose yes to save any changes.

f. When the process is done click on Finish.