Tasks aren't running with the log message "Task instance . . . is being put to sleep until . . ."
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Tasks aren't running with the log message "Task instance . . . is being put to sleep until . . ."


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IT Management Suite Task Server


When assigning a Task out to a Client machine, the Task does not get picked up by the Client.  Upon looking at the Agent Status on the Client Machine, it remains at 'Waiting for Tasks' and does not pick it up when 'Checking for Tasks'.

In the Log, there are no errors or warnings shown when the Client attmepts to check for the Task.

When looking at the Informational Messages on the Log, the following shows:

When initially run, this message is given:

Source: Altiris.TaskManagement.ClientTask.*


Description: Starting Task Instance Quick run on xpcli1 (d12006a0-7989-422a-b7a2-45c287ecc9ee) from Task Run Script (3faa422c-1325-47c0-887d-1dac68f011f6)

Then at regular intervals after the initial assignment of the job, this message appears:


Source: Altiris.TaskManagement.ServerTasks.ServerTaskExecutionInstance.Sleep

Description: Task instance Quick run on xpcli1 (10/27/2009 7:54:13 AM) is being put to sleep until 10/27/2009 7:59:24 AM. Instance GUID: d12006a0-7989-422a-b7a2-45c287ecc9ee


Then a warning appears in the logs similar to the following message:

Source: Altiris.TaskManagement.ClientTask.*

Description: BaseRemoteClientTaskHandler.CheckForTimeout(): TaskInstanceGuid 973f3cd8-d854-40a6-9396-6427898ea2e5 timed out.

And eventually terminates with message:

Source: Altiris.TaskManagement.ServerTasks.ServerTaskExecutionInstance.OnTaskCompleteCommitted

Description: Task Instance Quick run on xpcli1 (10/27/2009 7:54:23 AM) (d12006a0-7989-422a-b7a2-45c287ecc9ee) has completed.In the EVT_TaskInstances Table, the following information shows the relationship between this GUIDs and these log entries:




_id       _ResourceGuid                        TaskInstanceGuid                    
--------- ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------
1064      E605226D-BB24-48BF-AEBC-FF89201E8BF9 973F3CD8-D854-40A6-9396-6427898EA2E5

ParentTaskInstanceGuid               TaskVersionGuid                     
------------------------------------ ------------------------------------
D12006A0-7989-422A-B7A2-45C287ECC9EE 3FAA422C-1325-47C0-887D-1DAC68F011F6
*NOTE*: GUIDs will vary and those included herein are for example purposes only.



A Maintenance Window is set up on the Server that only allows Jobs and Tasks to run during a specific time period.

Maintenance Window settings can be found on the Console in Settings>>Agents/Plug-ins>>Maintenance Windows.


Possible resolutions include:

1. Only run Jobs and Tasks during the Maintenance Windows.  When assigning the Jobs or Tasks, a schedule can be created so the run will occur at a specific time.

2. Disable Maintenance Windows.  This can be done by clicking the green dot next to the word "On" and selecting "Off".

3. Change Maintenance Window times.  Maintenance Window times can be changed by dragging the arrows on the timeline bar or manually entering times on the 'Start' and 'End' boxes.

4. Change Maintenance Window collections.  Maintenance Windows can be applied to specific collections.  This can be done by right-clicking the 'Maintenance Window' folder on the left side and selecting New>>Maintenance Window.  These can be applied to specific collections by specifying collections in the "Applied to" section.

*NOTE*: For any changes to Maintenance Window settings, you must click "Save changes" on the settings page.  Then the Agents on Client machines will need to update their policies with the new Maintenance Window settings before they will accept Jobs or Tasks.