What are the proper procedures to follow if I need to back out RO54507?


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RO54507 provides a small enhancement to ENF such that all ENF events will now include a TIMEL field, otherwise called "Time Long". The TIMEL field carries 4 more digits of precision over the TIME field (TIME goes down to hundredths of a second). This change alters the layout of the ENF event records themselves.

The following steps are listed in the HOLDDATA instructions of RO54507 in order to properly apply the fix:

  1. Shutdown ENF
  2. Start the ENF related Datacom/AD MUF in its own address space
  3. Obtain a list of the ENF Event tables by submitting CAW0JCL member CASQL001.
  4. Edit CAW0JCL member CASQL004 adding the list of tables obtained from CASQL001, then submit. These are the tables which will be dropped when CASQL004 is executed
  5. Import the new plan using updated CAW0JCL member AW1IMPRT. This will simply add a plan named CAS9ENFS.TRAN$ENF#[email protected] but will not remove any existing plans from the database
  6. Shutdown the MUF if you normally use the IMUF parm with ENF
  7. Restart ENF with the REINIT parm, ie. S ENF,,,REINIT making sure that the CAIDCM DD statement is using the CAW0DCM dataset with the DCM modules that were updated with the PTF and that the same CAW0LOAD used during the Import (step 5) is being used to start ENF


In the event that it becomes necessary to back this fix out, the records will also have to be changed back in order to conform to the older format. Otherwise ENF will issue messages similar to the following when attempting to record events:

CAS9320E - Conflicting #columns attribute detected in event xxxxxx
CAS9329E - Recording is disabled for active event "xxxxxxx".
CAS9320E - Conflicting #columns attribute detected in event xxxxxx
CAS9328W - Recording is disabled for inactive event "xxxxxx"

To back the fix out, the steps above must be reversed. However, it is not necessary to re execute AW1IMPRT as the previous plan still exists in the database. These are the steps that must be followed to reverse the changes made when RO54507 was applied:

  1. Shutdown ENF.
  2. Start the ENF related Datacom/AD MUF in its own address space.
  3. Execute CASQL001 to obtain the list of tables to be dropped.
  4. Execute CASQL004 to drop the tables as per CASQL001.
  5. Shutdown the MUF if you normally use the IMUF parm with ENF.
  6. Restart ENF with the REINIT parm, making sure that the CAW0DCM and CAW0LOAD datasets point to the previous versions that existed before the fix was applied.


Release: CA90SV00200-14.1-Common Services-for z/OS