Package Server Status page shows invalid package count
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Package Server Status page shows invalid package count


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IT Management Suite


How do I correct the package count when it appears that the package count has multiplied?


When the package count in the package servers page on the NS is reporting a higher number of available packages than what the package servers actually have the problem can be corrected by running the following SQL code against the altiris database using query analyzer.

-- SQL Query begins here

select distinct *
  into PkgSvrCleanup_Temp
  from swdpackageserver

  drop Table swdpackageserver

select *
  into swdpackageserver
  from PkgSvrCleanup_Temp

  drop Table PkgSvrCleanup_Temp

-- SQL Query ends here

Note! Backup your database before running this code.

The specific cause for this situation is unknown but is most often found when the NS experiences performance issues related to SQL IO or when package servers do not have reliable network links.