Does the Altiris Agent for UNIX 6.2 support AIX 6.1?
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Does the Altiris Agent for UNIX 6.2 support AIX 6.1?


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Do the following products support AIX 6.1?
  • Altiris Agent for UNIX and Linux 6.2
  • Inventory Solution for UNIX and Linux 6.2 
  • Software Delivery for UNIX and Linux 6.1 SP1


 Symantec has performed fairly high-level testing of the Altiris Agent 6.x on AIX 6.1. The testing involved the following:
  1. Push install of the agent (manually selecting AIX 5.3 OS in the 'Install settings' screen)
  2. Manual install of the agent (using aex-bootstrap)
  3. Manual uninstall of the agent (using aex-uninstall)
  4. Enable all Inventory Solution for Unix/AIX tasks 
  5. Enable default Software Delivery sample policy
  6. Create and enable one additional command-line only software delivery job

All tests were performed using the default settings, i.e., installation path, package paths, run levels, etc.

The following product builds were tested:

  • Altirs Agent for UNIX and Linux 6.2.1378 with hotfix Agent for UNIX and Linux KB39189
  • Altiris Inventory Solution for UNIX and Linux 6.2.1034
  • Altiris Software Delivery Solution for UNIX and Linux 6.1.3006

The testing was performed on the following platform:

System Type:
 IBM (9110-510) P5 510 pSeries 
CPU Detail:
 Architecture - PowerPC_POWER5     Speed - 1499 MHz
CPU Qty:
CPU Bits:
OS Type:
 AIX 6.1
OS Kernel:
 3920 MB

'oslevel -g' returns: Actual Level: Maintenance level: 

Test Results:

There were no errors encountered during any procedure.

The resource shows in the 'All AIX Computers' collection. There is not an existing collection for just AIX 6.1 computers. Cloning a corresponding 5.x collection and modifying the selection criteria easily remedies this.

Note that this test is in no way to be considered exhaustive or to cover all possible run-time configurations, patch levels and environments.