Event Error: "App-Domain could not be created. Access is denied."
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Event Error: "App-Domain could not be created. Access is denied."


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IT Management Suite


In the application logs we're getting a lot of errors when we try to connect to a new Task Server:

App-Domain could not be created. Access is denied.


The Task Server appears to be running, but no clients can connect.  Not even the Task Server itself.

In the a.log, we can see the task server's NS Agent trying to connect, but we get a 500 error and it fails.

If we manually try to run the register.aspx command that we can see from the agent logs, we get an error that the web page is busy or unavailable, but it's not that the website is unavailable - we can tell it's responding.


The AppPool identity account must have rights to the root of the drive upon which the web page is built.  In most cases, this error is caused by this right not being present, generally because the client and therefore the task server is installed on a driver other than C.  If the Application Pool identity account doesn't have rights to the secondary drive, then it will literally not be able to create the application where required.


Generally, adding the Network Service account (the default for the App Pool) to the security on the drive where the agent is installed is sufficient.  For instance, if the Altiris Agent is installed on G, then you'd go to the root of G:, right-click, choose security, add an account of Network Service, and leave it with default rights (read & execute, list, read).  This should resolve the issue.

Applies To
NS7 Task Server v7