Microsoft InfoPath templates can only be opened once for each user
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Microsoft InfoPath templates can only be opened once for each user


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Workspace Virtualization (formerly SVS)


When opening the virtualized version of InfoPath 2007, you can open sample form once when trying to "Customize a Sample" in Getting Started window, but you get the following error when trying to open it a second time: "InfoPath cannot create a new blank form. InfoPath cannot open the form. To fix this, please contact your system administrator."   If you click the "Show Details" button, you get the following information: "Form template: urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:infopath:oob:Sample-Asset-Tracking:1033 Cannot create a file when that file already exists."

This error does not occur when you specify you want to "Design" the form. Only when you specify "Open" or you double click the form.

If you reset the layer, you will be able to access the same template once again, but the second attempt after the reset will yield the same error.


When the form is opened the first time, InfoPath creates a temporary file in the user's local app data folder. When the program is closed, it deletes it the temporary file.  Since this happens all in the layer, a delete entry is created.  When you try to launch the same template again, InfoPath tries to create the temporary file again with the same name in the same folder, but the file actually already exists, SWV is just masking it from view at that point.  So you get the error that indicates it cannot create a file that already exists.


In the layer, create a exclude entry for the directory [LOCALAPPDATA]\Microsoft\InfoPath\FormCache2 checking the box to also exclude subdirectories.  Then reset the layer to clear the delete entry.

After this is done, the temporary file is created on the base and then deleted from the base so SWV no longer needs to create the delete entry and you will no longer have the issue.

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Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007