Custom field logging in the Activity Log
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Custom field logging in the Activity Log


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On the previous release of CA Service Desk, it is done by adding the custom filed to a *.mod file, such as cr_site.mod file.

On CA Service Desk r12.7 and r12.9, it is set through Web Screen Painter.

This document explains how to generate an Activity Log when the custom field is updated on r12.7 and later


Release: 12.9 and higher
Component: CA Service Desk Manager


In this example, the Activity Log "Field Update" will be logged when the custom field "zresolved" is update.

  1. Launch Web Screen Painter and open 'Schema Designer'.
  2. Select the custom filed "zresolved" column and click on [Advanced] tab.
  3. In 'Site-Defined UI_INFO' field, type "AUDITLOG". Go to [File] > [Save and Publish] to save the change.

  4. Stop the Service Desk service and open the Command Prompt. Then type pdm_publish.
  5. Open wsp.mod located under (Service Desk)\site\mods\majic folder and make sure the following or similar one is added to the custom field.
       OBJECT cr {     ATTRIBUTES Call_Req {       zresolved INTEGER         { UI_INFO "AUDITLOG";};     };   };
  6. Start the Service Desk service.
  7. Log into Service Desk using Administrator account. Open [Administration] tab and go to 'Notifications' > 'Activity Associations'.
  8. Click on <Create New> and create a new Activity Association for the custom field as shown below. Save it.

    After the above setting, when the custom field "zresolved" is updated, the Activity Notification "Field Update" is logged.


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