Error: "The job completed with failure" when trying to process an IT Analytics cube
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Error: "The job completed with failure" when trying to process an IT Analytics cube


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When processing IT Analytics cubes manually, the error "The job completed with failure" appears in the IT Analytics Event Viewer.


This has been found to occur when the Altiris IT Analytics Symantec report pack failed to install 100% correctly.

This may also occur if the SQL cubes and dimensions fail to be able to be processed directly in the SQL Server.


On the Microsoft SQL Server used for IT Analytics, verify if the cube that has issues can be manually processed. If not, then remove the cube in the IT Analytics user interface, verify it is removed in SQL, then reinstall it in IT Analytics. Refer to the following article for more information on how to do this:

How to uninstall and reinstall an IT Analytics report pack cube

Additional Troubleshooting

  • Determine which cubes specifically are failing. Do not run large jobs where many if not all cubes are attempting to be processed, so narrow down the scope of what is failing, where.
  • The IT Analytics database may be corrupted and fail to work successful. Uninstall IT Analytics entirely, including any report packs and documentation, or drop the IT Analytics database in SQL and have IT Analytics run and re-create it. Also, try removing the IT Analytics SQL Reporting Services folder. This would then need to be recreated by IT Analytics as well, in the configuration settings. In addition, repairing the CMDB database can help resolve this as well. This is found in the SMP Console under Settings > Notification Server > Database Settings > Repair Database button. It is recommended that a full database backup be made first in SQL before performing this latter step, however.
  • If a custom cube has been created that is one of those attempting to be processed, the Cube Name and the Cube ID may have became mismatched during development of the cube. Re-sync these and then re-try processing the cubes.

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