Manged Delivery job failed
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Manged Delivery job failed


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Software Management Solution


When executing a Managed Delivery Job, error: Failed to execute policy - nameofjob - Computername

After scheduling a Managed Delivery Job, an error appears in the a.log.


agent's log:

Process: w3wp (ID)
Thread ID: X
Module: w3wp.exe
Source: ManagedDeliveryPolicy::OnBuildClientConfigXml
Description: Failed to execute policy - <name of policy> - <Guid of Resource>.  Reason: The specified resource failed to obtain a Software Management License.  Either Software Mangement Solution Agent is not installed on it or if installed, the inventory is yet to be updated on the server, Product <Guid of the Software Management Solution>)


Either a license is not available for the target system or the Software Management Solution Plug-in has not been installed.  If the license has been installed it is likely the second cause of the Plug-in not being installed.


For the License Issue:

1. Launch the Symantec Installation Manager (SIM)

2. click on the link Add/Update licenses to check the current status. 

If it looks OK, move on to the secondary Resolution below.

For the Plug-in Issue:

1. Ensure that the target systems have the Software Management Solution Plug-in installed.  

2. Double-click on the Altiris Agent icon and clicking the Settings button. 

Note: Don't mistake the Software Management Framework Agent as the Software Management Solution Agent.  Both must be installed.

3. The policy to install the Solution agent is found under Settings > All Settings > Agent/Plug-ins > Software > Software Management > Windows. 

4. Enable the Install and Upgrade policies.


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Applies To


Notification Server 7.0
Software Management Solution 7.0x