Altiris Agent Fails to Free Resources if Connection is Rejected
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Altiris Agent Fails to Free Resources if Connection is Rejected


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Deployment Solution


dagent.exe consumes large amounts of system memory, sometimes causing other processes to crash due to lack of resources.


When the dagent connection is refused by the Deployment Server, dagent continues to attempt to connect, consuming more system memory each time which is not freed.


There is currently no fix for this issue, however the following may be used as a workaround:

To free the resources allocated to dagent simply stop the Altiris Deployment Agent service.

To do this open up "Administrative Tools" and select "Services". Locate "Altiris Deployment Agent", right click on it and select "Stop".

If this system is later allowed to connect to the Deployment Server (ie it is removed from the "Rejected Computers" list by selecting "Accept Computer(s)"), simply restart the Altiris Deployment Agent to allow it to reconnect to the Deployment Server.

Applies To

Deployment Solution 6.9SP1

Client system with dagent installed who's connection has been rejected in the DS console

- A client is considered to be rejected if it has been added to DS's "Rejected Computers" list by right clicking on the system and selecting 'Advanced>Reject Computer'

- To view rejected computers, go to 'View>Rejected Computers...' in the DS console