Duplicate computer name entries
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Duplicate computer name entries


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IT Management Suite


When reimaging computers duplicate computer names are being created.  This does not occur every time but does happen on a frequent basis. 

The steps for the imaging are
1- The computer name is removed from the database by deleting it from a collection
2-The computer is reimaged with the updated image
3-The name is modified and the computer is added to the domain
4-The Altiris Agent is installed.


 In a few cases, the PC was deleted from the NS while an inventory file was still in the NS queue waiting to be processed.  Once the file was processed, it would re-create the PC as a resource in the NS, but without generating the entry in the resource key table that is used for lookups.  When the PC was imaged and the agent installed, it would communicate to the NS, and since there was no entry for that PC in the resource key table, it would generate a new entry with new guid for that PC, causing a duplicate to appear.


This would occur if the event queues on the Notification Server are backed up so the best way to prevent this from occuring is to make sure that the queues are being processed properly and as quickly as possible.   

Applies To
Notification Server 6.0 SP3