Error while downloading package: Invalid XML returned by server (-2147467259)
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Error while downloading package: Invalid XML returned by server (-2147467259)


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IT Management Suite


When a client or Package Server (from itself) tries to download  package source files you may notice it immediately goes to Waiting to Retry Download.  Upon further diagnosis you notice in the agent log file the following error:

Process: AeXNSAgent.exe (3440)
Thread ID: 4484
Module: AexPackageDelivery.dll
Source: PackageDelivery
Description: Error while downloading package: Invalid XML returned by server (-2147467259)

When viewing the package on the download history tab you notice valid locations for either HTTP, UNC, or both.  Clicking on either the HTTP or UNC links bring up the package source files.  You then can click on the physical files and download them without issue.


The most likely cause of this issue seems to a corruption in IIS.


On the Package Server, uninstall IIS and reinstall it again. After doing this clients started downloading package source files again without incident.

Note: Uninstalling IIS will require that you uninstall the Altiris Agent first, then uninstall/reinstall IIS, and then reinstall the Altiris Agent. With this all the proper virtual directories associated to the Package Server can be recreated. Make sure all the other subagents are installed again. If most of the packages are already downloaded to the  package server, before uninstalling the Altiris Agent you could move the package directories temporarily to a different directory and then put them back after reinstalling, otherwise you will need to re download all the packages again.

 WARNING!: Follow these steps on the Package Server only NOT on the Notification Server/Symantec Management Platform Server. Uninstalling IIS on the NS/SMPS will result in an unusable installation that will have to be rebuilt from the ground up, including possible data and customization loss.

WARNING!: If the IIS instance on the Package Server is used by other applications, uninstalling IIS may cause adverse issues with that application. Verify before uninstalling IIS if and how it will effect other application before beginning. We suggest contacting the application's vendor with any questions.



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Applies To

Notification Server

6.x and 7.x