PXE-E74 No MAN_INFO or OS_INFO options found
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PXE-E74 No MAN_INFO or OS_INFO options found


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Deployment Solution Ghost Solution Suite


When PXE booting a computer getting error "PXE-E74 No MAN_INFO or OS_INFO options found"


In the PXE configuration Utility under the DS tab, the option to only PXE boot computers with Deployment jobs assigned was checked.

The computer being booted did not have a Deployment job assigned.


There are some switches also that can prevent PXE traffic and in one customer case was the root cause of why the clients were getting the above noted error. 


Uncheck the option to only boot computers that have a Deployment job assigned if you want to PXE boot computers with no job.


Also the reinstall the PXE Manager if the option was not checked already. Locate the DSSetup folder, verify the Server.exe verify the it is the current build for the install.

Double click on PXEMgr.exe and start the Install for PXE Manager. Note the IP Address for DS server and also place the credentials as Servername\Admin account.


If managed switches are in use the securtity configurations may need to be reviewed for any options that would prevent PXE communications.