Status code 122, 'Unable to configure Windows domain information' after imaging and during the post configuration process
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Status code 122, 'Unable to configure Windows domain information' after imaging and during the post configuration process


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Deployment Solution


After imaging, the computer reboots and the post configuration process fails with status code 122, "Unable to configure Windows domain information" as the status of the job.


The encryption algorithm used by Deployment Server has changed for encrypting accounts and passwords when joining a domain.  The Aclient that is part of the image is probably an older Aclient and therefore won't support this new encryption.  When the Aclient communicates with the Deployment Server, it won't know what to do with the data provided in the aclient.cfg file and won't pass the correct user or password information for joining the machine to the domain.

Note:  This problem can also happen with the 6.9 SP2 (6.9.375) version of the Aclient running on Vista or 2008.

This could also be an issue with the Domain account password.


Using ImageExplorer from the Deployment Server console (imgexpl.exe within the eXpress share) you can edit existing images to replace the old Aclient.exe file. 

Within each image, use ImageExplorer to locate the Aclient.exe file (default will be C:\Program Files\Altiris\Aclient) and replace it with the Aclient.exe from the current build of Deployment Server.  You can locate the most current Aclient.exe in the Deployment Server\Agents\Aclient\.  The most current version will either be named one of the following depending on the version installed:

DS 6.9 SP1 build 355 - altiris-aclient-6.9.355.X86.exe

DS 6.9 SP1 MP1 build 366 - altiris-aclient-6.9.366.X86.exe

DS 6.9 SP2 build 375 - altiris-aclient-6.9.375.X86.exe

DS 6.9 SP3 build 430 - altiris-aclient-6.9.430.X86.exe

DS 6.9 SP4 build 453 - altiris-aclient-6.9.453.X86.exe

DS 6.9 SP5 build 490 - altiris-aclient-6.9.490.X86.exe

DS 6.9 SP5 MR1 build 496 - altiris-aclient-6.9.496.X86.exe

DS 6.9 SP5 MR2 build 517 - altiris-aclient-6.9.517.X86.exe

DS 6.9 SP5 MR3 build 574 - altiris-aclient-6.9.574.X86.exe

(Adjust the X86 to X64 if you're dealing with a 64-bit image.)

 Rename the new client .exe file to "Aclient.exe" and replace the existing Aclient.exe within the image. 



Note: If you have the Aclient installed on a Vista or 2008 image you will have to uninstall the Aclient and then install the latest DAgent and recapture the image.

Applies To

DS 6.9 SP1, DS 6.9 SP2, DS 6.9 SP3. Usually recently upgraded from any older version.