How to get HP dc7900 to boot to linux environments
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How to get HP dc7900 to boot to linux environments


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Deployment Solution


HP* dc7900 desktops that have Intel* based chipsets will not boot into Linux environment.


  • hardware conflict during boot of linux automation environment
  • nic drivers need to be compiled
  • environment variables need to be set in the pxelinux.cfg
  • ICH7 - ICH9 SATA controller


1. There is a hardware conflict during the uncompressing of the root.gz. To get around that follow KB article 28717

2. The intel nic has a new chipset. Please download the new driver for Linux automation. ( this driver is for kernel version 2.6.18)

          For a how to on compiling drivers for Linux environment follow KB article 36079

3. An updated ahci.ko must be added to your linux environment.(see attachment


1. If making a bootdisk or usb bootdrive make same changes to the syslinux file. The syslinux file should look like:


default linux
label linux
        kernel linux
        append initrd=rootfs.gz root=/dev/ram0 rw ramdisk_size=32768 quiet pci=conf1




If the e1000.ko doesn't work use the e1000e.ko. Do not load both due to a driver confict if both drivers are include in the automation environment.

In Linux Hardware Independent Imaging is not supported.


Applies To
HP dc7900 desktop

Linux Automation for Deployment Solution 6.8 sp2 and above


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