Common reasons why the PXE Configuration Utility can't access the PXE Manager
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Common reasons why the PXE Configuration Utility can't access the PXE Manager


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When trying to open the PXE Configuration Utility, the following error is produced:

The PXE Configuration Utility could not obtain access to the PXE Manager.  The Altiris PXE Services may not be installed properly.
Verify that the PXE Manager Service is running using the Windows Computer Management Utility.
If problem persists:
Please uninstall all Altiris Deployment Solution products and reinstall, or contact
Altiris support: [email protected].


This article will try to identify the currently known reasons for this problem.  If the included suggestions do not work for you, please call support.
  1. The PXE Manager service may have stopped or crashed.
  2. There is a PXE Configuration Utility session open on another computer.
  3. There is a session lock in PXEManager.ini which will cause the PXE Manager thinks there is a PXE Configuration Utility open.
  4. The PXEManager.ini, PXE.ini, and RPC.ini files may have the incorrect ip address for the server. (The IP address of the server was changed).


  1. Make sure all PXE Services are running.  If the PXE Manager stopped unexpectedly, check the Application Event Logs for reasons the PXE Manager may have crashed.
  2. Make sure there is in fact no one else using a PXE Configuration Utility.  If so, have them close theirs and try again. 
  3. Stop the PXE Manager service from Services.  Edit \\<your DS>\eXpress\PXE\PXEManager.ini and remove the two lines CurrentLockHolder=""  (This is the IP address of the computer PXE Manager thinks it has a session open with) CurrentLockUid=21954640  (this number will be different each time).
  4. Stop all PXE services. Edit the PXE.ini, RPC.ini, and PXEManager.ini files, searching for the old IP address and replacing with the current IP address. Restart the PXE services.

Applies To
Deployment Server 6.1 through Deployment Server 6.9 SP3