KNOWN ISSUE: DAgent remote control session fails
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KNOWN ISSUE: DAgent remote control session fails


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Deployment Solution


When remote controlling a computer running the DAgent, if the computer is locked during remote control session or if someone logs off during remote control session, the session dies without any disconnect message.  

If no one is logged in to the remote computer running Dagent, the remote session won’t connect


The DagentUI is the client-side component that executes the Deployment Server remote control functions.

The DagentUI executes within the security context of the locally logged in user. So if the desktop is locked then DagentUI cannot capture the screen or send the input because the user does not have rights. In the case of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 when the UAC feature is enabled then the remote control functionality is blocked the moment UAC prompt appears.  This occurs because the DagentUI cannot capture the screen or send the input from the alternate user session that is activated when the UAC prompt is displayed.

The DAgent and DAgentUI components are designed not to execute any jobs or tasks as the local system account when the client machine has an active logged on user session to prevent opening security vulnerabilities.

Here is the information on remote control with Dagent:

  1. If user has Dagent installed on his machine then DS remote control feature will work with limited functionality. Users will not be able to do remote control from the console when the client machine desktop is locked or no user is logged into the client machine. The only case when a remote control is possible is when a user is logged into the machine and the user desktop is active. This means SAS ( Ctrl + Alt + Del ) is not possible. This is applicable to Dagent on all machines including Vista.
  2. Windows Vista/Server 2008 problem with remote control when UAC is on:

When UAC is enabled and a UAC consent dialog appears it will block the any remote control activity.

  1. Send file feature which is on the remote control window will not work.


The DAgentUI Remote Control functionality is working as designed.  These are the known limitations when working with the UAC feature enabled within Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7.

Applies To
Deployment Solution 6.9 SP1, 6.9 SP2, 6.9 SP3


Windows* Vista* with UAC enabled

Windows Server 2008* with UAC enabled

Windows 7 with UAC enabled