Error converting data type varchar to BIGINT
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Error converting data type varchar to BIGINT


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Deployment Solution


When clicking on the All Computers group or other folders, the error "Error converting data type varchar to BIGINT" will come up.


This issue can be directly caused by a corrupt computer entry.


If you see the error coming up from one specific folder then the corrupt entry could be located there. If you only see it when you click on the All Computers group, then it is a machine that is not within a group. If you add machines into a test group folder a few at a time and then click on that group, eventually you will add the machine that has the corrupted value. Narrow down the results until you find the machine that is the cause and delete the machine. The machine should then re-add itself without the corrupt entry.

Applies To
Deployment Server 6.8 & 6.9 all versions.