Error "Unable to connect to the server" when downloading data to barcode device
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Error "Unable to connect to the server" when downloading data to barcode device


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When downloading data to a barcode device, the following error appears:


"Unable to connect to the server"

Uploads complete just fine, however. Corresponding entries are recorded in the ALogs:

Log File Name: C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\Logs\a.log
Priority: 2
Date: 5/1/2008 2:30:49 PM
Tick Count: 1234567890
Process: w3wp.exe (6620)
Thread ID: 1112
Module: AltirisNativeHelper.dll
Source: Altiris.Barcode.Synchronization.Command.BarcodeSchema.WriteFilteredResourceTypeSchema
Description: Tried to delete an xml node that did not exist, ignoring.<dataClass dataClassGuid="DataClass Name" />


Licenses count may be exceeded. (You will see an error in the logs)

The Batch they are trying to download to the handheld is too large for the device.


If it is a Licensing count exceeded you will see a message in the logs.  To resolve it you will need to go to Configuration/Solution Settings/Assets and Inventory/Barcode Solution License Usage and clear all the licenses.


If it is Batch that may be to large.  This may be the case if you are getting the error when downloading to the device.  I would first suggest testing with downloading one resource to the handheld and see if you are successful.  If that test is successful you can do the following to help:


           You will need to modify the config file on the Handheld device.  To make the changes here is what you will need to do:

               1. Close barcoder app on device

               2. Goto my computer->Mobile Device->My Windows Mobile-Based Device->Program Files->Barcoder

               3. Copy config.xml from device

               4. Edit config.xml and modify the last attribute: add key="SyncTimeout" value="60000" /> and increase to 120000 for 2 or 300000 for 5 mins timeout.


               5. Save file and copy back to device and replace the old one.



If neither of these address the issue you will need to gather the logs files from your server and then contact Technical Support.


Applies To

Barcode 6.7