KNOWN ISSUE: "Waiting for client to accept connection" remote control failure
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KNOWN ISSUE: "Waiting for client to accept connection" remote control failure


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Deployment Solution


When attempting to use native client remote control from the console these error messages come up:
  • Waiting for clients to accept connection.
  • Not connected!
  • Unable to make image thread connection to the remote machine. A client screen will not be available.
  • Unable to connect to the client. Please make sure the client has the Altiris Client Agent running.


There is a bug in the console where associated ports are not closed or assigned back to the proper console session.


The workaround is to install remote consoles through the "add component" function of the Deployment Solution install and use remote consoles to work with Deployment Solution and remote control clients.

Use Axinstall.exe located on the Deployment Server Console.


  1. Go to DSSetup folder and run AxInstall.exe. Deployment Server > Root of the C:\DSSETUP
  2. At the Deployment Server Install Configuration page, click the Component Install option, and then click the Install button.
  3. Read the Software License Agreement and click Yes to proceed. 
  4. In the File server path field, verify the path is correct and then click Next.
  5. Mark the Install and additional Deployment Console box, and then click Next.
  6. In the Deployment Console Information page, choose the wanted option. If you want to install on a remote computer, click the On a remote computer option, then enter the remote computer name in the field. Click Next.
  7. Follow the wizard to completion.
  8. Then RDP into the Remote client an Run the Deployment Server Console.

Applies To
Deployment Solution 6.8.378 (SP2)
SQL Server is installed on the same computer 2000

This KB is only applicable to environments where the deployment server console is used by multiple technicians from a single machine via rdp/terminal services.