Task Server Software Delivery Agent Error
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Task Server Software Delivery Agent Error


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IT Management Suite Task Server


I am getting the following error from my client computer:

Process: w3wp.exe (5152)
Thread ID: 2376
Module: AltirisNativeHelper.dll
Source: Altiris.ClientTask.Web.RequestSubAgent.Page_Load
Description: Error getting subagent file ( Unhandled exception. Type=System.Exception Msg=Matching agent not found in the database:
AgentName='SWDAGENTFORTS.DELIVERSOFTWARETASKHANDLE', PlatformName='WINDOWS%20SERVER%202003', PlatformType=Production, OSType='WIN32' Src=Altiris.ClientTask
at Altiris.ClientTask.ClientTaskSubAgent.Load()
at Altiris.ClientTask.Web.RequestSubAgent.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) )

The following error can also be recorded:

The task failed because the Altiris Agent on the remote machine was unable to create an instance of the task handler. Please make sure the handler package for this task has been installed.
Error 0x800401f3 creating instance handler. CAtrsException exception, error = "Failed to execute task", OS error = 2147746291, at line 178 re-throw at CTaskExecutionEngineBase::OnExecuteTask

This occurs when a client recieves a task server task from the server.


The Software Delivery Agent for Task Server was not correctly installed on the client.


Make sure that the Software Delivery Agent for Task Server is installed, and the client computer are properly registered with a Task Server.

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Task Server GA