Steps to recover from a crash of Service Desk's Tomcat
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Steps to recover from a crash of Service Desk's Tomcat


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Sometimes Service Desk application has intermittent pdm_tomcat_nxd process crash. Follows Some steps to take care and prevent this occurrence.

This document describes how to recover in the event that the Service Desk Tomcat stops functioning. Tomcat should not crash. However, this document describes how to recover.


CA Service Desk Manager - All Version 



  1. If you notice that tomcat is no longer functioning, first open "Task Manager" and verify that javaw.exe and pdm_tomcat_nxd.exe are running (if you are not running on a Windows platform, you may use the appropriate:

    "ps -ef | grep -i <name>" command.

    If either has stopped running check the system for any dump files (if configured) and please archive the Service Desk\log\ folder before proceeding (very important).
    You may open a CA Support issue to help analyze the data.
  2. Go into the bopcfg\www\CATALINA_BASE\temp directory, if there are any files in there note how many, and clear the directory out. If there are several hundreds or thousands of files this could cause a problem. After clearing the files try to manually kill the javaw.exe first and then the pdm_tomcat_nxd.exe process.
  3. If killing the javaw.exe and pdm_tomcat_nxd.exe processes does not bring up Tomcat, open up a command prompt and run the following command:


    Find any pdm_tomcat entries in the list, note the date associated with the process, if the time appears old, then the tomcat process may be stuck in slump
  4. From the slstat list get the exact name of the process, it may be something like "pdm_tomcat-*servername*" take the exact name and run the following command from a prompt:

    "slzap pdm_tomcat-*servername*"

    This will disconnect the process from slump
    (Service Desk Manager's messaging daemon).
  5. Next run, the following commands:

    pdm_tomcat_nxd -d stop
    pdm_tomcat_nxd -d start
    pdm_tomcat_nxd -c stop
    pdm_tomcat_nxd -c start
  6. If the cause of the crash is not known, please open a support issue and provide the following from the server where the Service Desk Tomcat crashed