Does Notification Server support proxy.pac settings?
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Does Notification Server support proxy.pac settings?


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I tried to open the Solution Center in the Notification Server console, and I get a timeout error. The error logs show:

Failed to access the file The underlying connection was closed: Unable to connect to the remote server.

My network uses a proxy.pac file to determine proxy settings. Can I use this in the Notification Server?


No, the Notification Server requires static settings for the proxy server, with or without authentication. If you use a proxy.pac file and don't know the actual proxy server, you can open it (proxy.pac) with notepad.exe and find the proxy server needed to reach the Internet. 

Designate the desired proxy server through the Notification Server console under Configuration tab > Notification Server Settings > Proxy Configuration. Clicking the Apply button will cause the Notification Server to test the new settings.