Unable to retrieve merge modules, runtimes, and redistributables
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Unable to retrieve merge modules, runtimes, and redistributables


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Symantec Products


Unable to download merge modules and prerequisites due to one or more reasons listed below:


  • Users of Wise Installation Studio 7 SP1 that are behind a proxy cannot access the merge modules and prerequisites from the Download Redistributables Wizard.
  •  Using any legacy products including:
      - Wise Installation Systems 9
      - Wise for Windows Installer (versions 5.x and 6.x) 
      - Wise Installation Studio 7.0 (not necessary for Wise Installation Studio 7.0 SP1 unless behind a proxy)
      - Wise Package Studio (versions 5.x through 7 SP2)


There are two issues that can cause the redistributables not to download onto a machine:

1.  The Advanced buttons on the “Download Redistributables Wizard” in the Windows Installer Editor and the Download Runtimes Wizards in WiseScript (for Wise Installation Studio 7 only) that allowed users to configure proxy settings were removed. 

2.   Redistributable server was decommissioned for legacy applications.


A hotfix has been created for this issue. This hotfix can be installed to any computer that has the most current version of a supported Wise product installed.

Download the hotfix from http://www.solutionsam.com/solutions/hotfixes/KB_39986_Hotfix.exe.

Ensure that if you are behind a proxy that the IE Proxy settings are set up correctly to allow the merge modules, 
redistributables and runtimes to get through.

To download available Merge Modules outside of the product, see article 39985 for link to an .exe that will install all available merge modules.

Applies To

Wise products behind a proxy
Wise legacy applications