Agents unable to download packages with the error, "No package sources returned by server (-2147023728)"
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Agents unable to download packages with the error, "No package sources returned by server (-2147023728)"


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IT Management Suite


Agents of specific computers are suddenly unable to download packages. The agent logs and also the log.xml file in the Software Delivery sub folder, where the individual package information is stored, contains the following warning or error:

No package sources returned by server (-2147023728)


The affected computers exist in a subnet which is assigned to a Site, and that site is assigned to a Package Server that does not exist, is not responding, or is having difficulty downloading packages directly from the Notification Server itself.


  1. In the Notification Server Console go to Configuration > Server Settings > Notification Server Infrastructure > Site Maintenance.
  2. In the right pane will be listed option tabs to view all known sites, subnets, and Package Servers.  Select the Subnets tab.
  3. In the list of subnets look for the subnet range in which the problem computer(s) would reside.
  4. If it is found, then look in the "Site Assigned to" column for the name of the site to which the subnet is assigned. Also look in the "Package Servers" column. If the value is 1 or more then click on the link and verify any and all Package Servers listed. All package servers listed should be manually investigated to see if they are up, running, and that they are able to download all packages, especially the ones the clients are currently unable to obtain.

If a Package Server listed is not functioning or is invalid, then remove it from the list. If all Package Servers are removed from a site, then the next time a computer's agent requests package information, they will get it directly from the Notification Server.

Another rare occurrence may be that there is an problem underneath with the link between the site and subnet. Removing the site from Site Maintenance and adding it back again corrected the problem.

Applies To
Notification Server 6.0.6074