"AHD12033: Unable to process request - your session timed out " error is received when updating CA Business Intelligence (CABI) reports


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When refreshing a CABI report, a session time out error is seen within Infoview:

Database error: [DataDirect][OpenAccessODBC]AHD12033: Unable to process request - your session timed out at XX/XX/XX XX:XX:XX pm after xxx minutes of inactivity. Contact your Business Objects administrator or database supplier for more information. (Error: WIS10901)(Error: INF)

The problem does not get resolved even if the users logouts from InfoView and logins again. A temporary resolution for this is to stop and restart the Server Intelligence Agent (SIA) process/service on the CABI server.


SDM 12.7, SDM 12.9


1. Follow TEC595754 and ensure that Step #8 has the 'Disconnect after each transaction' is set for the connection pool mode

2. Another option that might help is to ensure that the number of processing records limit is not the default value.

  • Login to Central Management Console (CMC)
  • Expand Server list -> Right-click CrystalReportsProcessingServer -> Properties.
  • The number of database record that read when preview or refresh, the default value is "20000". Change it from "20000" to "0" (Note: 0 indicates unlimited).
  • Save and restart the CrystalReportsProcessingServer by right-click and select Restart.

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