PXE config utility constantly updates and PXE config Services stops automatically
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PXE config utility constantly updates and PXE config Services stops automatically


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Deployment Solution


PXE Configuration Utility states updating; however, the PXE services have stopped automatically. PXE Config Helper Service failed to start error: 1067

After the Deployment Server is installed, the PXE configuration shows the Updating bar. When restarting the PXE Config Helper service and selecting to refresh, the services stop automatically with no errors.

When verifying the PXE folder, the PXE.ini.tmp is missing as well as the PXE.ini. Turning on the log file in RPC.ini after stopping all the PXE services "logoutputthreshold = 5" Never creates the log file.

This section of RPC.ini located in the PXE folder.

Description="PCSData class for PxeCfgService and PXEManager"


The System account is missing from the eXpress share folder.


  1. Right-click on the folder shared as eXpress. Select Sharing and Security. Add the local System account in the Security tab-make sure that Full Control is selected. Restart the PXE services.
  2. Verify All PXE services are set to 'Log on As' the 'Local System' account except PXE Manager.  The PXE Manager service should use a domain user account with Administrator rights to the local machine.
  3. Stop all the PXE Services and Delete the PXE.ini from the eXpress\PXE\PXE.ini. Restart the PXE Manager service first then the PXE config. This will create a PXE.ini.tmp after updating it will rename to PXE.ini.
  4. If the 'Altiris PXE Manager' service account doesn't have local Administrator rights, add it to the local Administrator's group and verify that it has 'Full Control' share permissions on the eXpress share (as in step 1).
  5. If you have Old PXE Serivces from 6.1 it may be best to clean out all the Old PXE services. Use the document to perform a clean install of Deployment Server 6.9.
    How to reinstall Deployment Solution 6.5, 6.8 and 6.9 with step-by-step instructions

Applies To
Deployment Solution 6.8 all builds.