Altiris agent upgrade task not deploying on clients
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Altiris agent upgrade task not deploying on clients


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IT Management Suite


None of the client computers are upgrading to the latest altiris agent upgrade. The clients have the policy and package but are not deploying it.


There was a change made to the inventory agent package. The package had become stale on all of the package servers which was preventing the package from coming down. There were numerous inventory tasks queued that couldn't run. This was preventing the Altiris Agent Upgrade task from running.

Troubleshooting process:

1. Open query analyzer and run the following quering: Select * from swdpackageserver where packageid like '%01b54e%'
2. Locate the "status" column. If the status indicates "stale codebase" then:
       a. Navigate to "program files\altiris\notification server\snapshots".
       b. Delete the {01b54eb5....} folder.
       c. Open the altiris console and navigate to Tasks - Assets and Inventory\Inventory\Windows\Inventory Tasks.
       d. Click on any of the enabled Inventory tasks and select "Go To Package".
       e. Click "Update Distribution Points".

3. The {01b54eb5....} folder will be recreated in the "program files\altiris\notification server\snapshots" folder.
4. When the package servers perform their next package refresh, they should get the updated package and the package will go "Ready"
5. Once the package is downloaded successfully by the clients and the inventory tasks have completed, the Altiris Agent upgrade task will run.

Applies To
NS 6.0 Sp3 R7